Many of us here at the Demons Wiki believe it's very possible to create honest, easy to understand and correct biography's about various demons and/or things in hell in an orderly Wikipedia-like manner. However, we're very wrong as providing such information is nearly impossible, we rely upon information presented by both Satanic and Christian sources which has lead to bashing from user's who feel offended by either sources. This is due to the fact we believe that demons have a physical-like (gross) form or quality in some way, rather than consisting primarily as energy, soul (original being), and various other fine bodies which can't be described here. 

The reason those qualities can't be described here is because the user's and sources don't have a sixth-sense ability, the source's tend to be judged by our christian and occultic user's as bias upon their belief system, and ghosts have an ever-changing form. 

With that being said, the SSRF has excellent pages about various types of ghosts, including demons, they have a sixth-sense ability and a developed spirituality.

Read our pages at your own discern, thank you for contributing to our Wikia.Edit

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