(Also known as Naphula).
  • Zodiac Position: 25-29 degrees of Capricorn
  • January 16th to 19th
  • Tarot Card: 4 of Pentacles
  • Planet: Murcury
  • Candle Color: Dark Blue
  • Plant: Papyrus
  • Metal: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Rank: Duke
  • Vapula is a Night Demon and rules 36 legions of spirits.

Vapula teaches philosophy and other sciences. She can assist one in passing tests and examinations. She helps one to converse intelligently on almost any subject and bestows skill in all of the manual professions. She also teaches craftsmanship.

Appearance: Edit

Vapula has very long, straight, black hair, with red eyes. She is of medium height and has tan colored wings, pointed ears, and dark skin.

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