Vampires are the seemingly immortal stalkers of the night. A vampire is a reanimated human corpse that drinks the blood of living humans. Vampires are often described as demonic in nature and are often explained as being demons who inhabit human corpses.


All vampires were originally human. A vampire is created when a human is bitten by a vampire, drained of blood to the point of death, and then offered the vampire's blood to drink.


  • Eternal Life - Being dead, vampires have no lifespan and have the potential to live forever. They do not age nor decay. However, because they represent such a threat to human society, most vampires are hunted and slain.
  • Heliophobia - Vampires are burned by the touch of sunlight.
  • Superhuman Strength - Vampires possess physical strength equivalent to that of 20 strong men. They can subdue any prey, throw cars, reshape metal, cause immense bodily damage to humans and animals, and shatter concrete all with their bare hands.
  • Heightened Senses - Their senses are heightened to 11, allowing them to hear whispered conversations from some distance away, track a human's scent, and see in complete darkness.
  • Lightning Speed - Their physical speed is such that they can easily dodge incoming attacks and cover long distances in short periods of time.
  • Increased Agility - Vampires can jump over 10 feet into the air in a single bound, always land on their feet with no damage, and can adhere to any solid surface.
  • Accelerated Self-Healing - Vampires are impervious to disease and heal in seconds from any wound without any visible discomfort.
  • Mind Control - By looking into a person's eyes, a vampire can make a human believe, do, or forget anything through verbal commands.
  • Holiness Vulnerability - Vampires are burned by holy water, holy ground, and religious iconography.
  • Nocturnal Animal Form - Vampires can take on the form and abilities of bats, wolves, mice, moths, crows, owls, foxes, and bears.
  • Mist Form - Vampires can take on the form of a white, gaseous mist.