Valac is the Mighty Grand President of Hell, with thirty (thirty eight according to other authors) legions of demons under his command. Valac is known to give true answers about hidden treasures, where he reveals can be seen snakes, and deliver it harmlessly to the magic. He is described as a poor boy with angel wings and mounted on a two-headed dragon.

He discovers serpents for the mage and reveals hidden treasures. It can help to a good job and a friend solidarity. It also provides lucky numbers. He moves quickly. It flies very fast and usually out the roof, he belonged to the order of thrones as Volac.

0100 s


* Zodiac: 5-9 graus de Aquário

* 25-29 janeiro

* Tarot: 5 de Espadas

* Planeta: Saturno / Urano

* Cor das Velas: Brancas

* Planta: Sesame

* Metal: Chumbo / Urânio

* Elemento: Ar

* Rank: Presidente

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