GB-4 - The Jungle Book female character - 1,285x1,600 (389 kB)

Notice the colors she wears and what she represents within the film, also in the creators have noticed before she's to "lure" Mowgli into the Man Village.

The Whore of Babylon is an name given by God and the writers of the Bible to describe and rebuke the Roman Churches, namely the Baptist Church and the Catholic Church.

That's right religious folks even God hates your religion.

In Popular MediaEdit

The colors of the Whore are repeatedly used in Popular Media, most notably film's by Walt Disney who inserted her within the Jungle Book film as Shanti the young girl most notable for singing "My Own Home". Anton Lavey's influence on the world should be taken as notifications for these appears however as he had influenced Hollywood to set the world's expectations as such.

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