Summoning of demons is an activity commonly done by Satanists and other people who wish for desires they often can't obtain on their own.

Why do people summon demonsEdit

People summoning demons do it because they want their desires met, many demons on the site have a description of what they do. Some demons cast spells for things such as material, others can change moods and promote action, and in dangerous demons they can successfully kill or injure "enemies" of the person. However, demons that promote bloodshed often can't cross the boundaries of someone who's protected by the holy spirit thus don't cause any harm. 

Dangers of SummoningEdit

Those who summon demons are of great danger if not careful, many people become possessed or are stalked by the demon they brought about. Thus death can come as a result to the individual who summons these beings, and so can deaths to family members, friends, strangers to the individual and others.

Origins of SummoningEdit

What Demons do for the Summoner: Edit

  • Bring about bloodshed: 
  • Bring about love or romance in a relationship, esp. to 
  • Bring about lust, often great lust in the person the summoner wishes towards hisself or herself.
  • Disasters of people the summoner wishes.

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