(Also known as sex spirit. Or Incubus if a male demon who has sex with women, these demons may have sex with humans without consent and those are known as Demons of rape.)

Succubi, also known as Incubi if male, are female and male demons who prey on men and women for sexual needs, often in a sexual way. Many Incubuses/Succubuses engage in sexual intercourse with sleeping men and women without their knowledge but can have sex with them during conscious activity. Such as when the demon is raping it's victim in the day or having consensual sex with a summoner who has summoned them for the purpose of sex.
Succubus bracket 02


They take the form on beautiful young women or man and seduce men into intercourse. Upon orgasm, the succubus/incubus drains the man's soul from his body. Alternatively, a succubus can be cannibalistic and feed on the flesh and blood of a man.

Engagement of Sex without Consent, or Rape DemonsEdit

Many Succubus/Incubus engage in sexual intercourse with men and women in their sleep without the persons knowledge of the activity at all for the purpose of receiving energy from the human. A reader of this article could have a succubus/incubus engaging in various sexual activities every night for twenty years without knowing they were having this activity occurring.

Many people who are possessed or effected by the Devil have had demons engaging in rape, especially during random times during the day and in front of friends and family, For more information see Rue who is an example of this activity.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Strength - Succubuses can physically subdue even the strongest of men.
  • Superhuman Speed - They move so fast that they appear to teleport.
  • Flight - Their chiropteran wings allow flight.

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