Subliminal Messaging, (also known as Secret Messages, Hidden Messages, etc.) are the activity of placing symbols, images, and various things into media or other mediums. In Anmation they're fast paced and many are only on-screen for less than a second, in advertising they're disguised. Mega-Corporations and Propagandist's use subliminal messages to make people enjoy there product thinking anything related to sex my make people buy it like other non-intellectual animals. Other's use it for more corrupt purposes, such as the polluting and corruption of the minds of children and adults. For example, the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) uses symbols of Witchcraft in there cards to normalize the idea of Witchcraft to children.

Popular Media ExamplesEdit

Over the years 

Disney: The Mega-Corporation uses subliminal messages to corrupt children. They've been doing this for there full lifespan of about 100 years.



Video Games: 


These gallery's are divided into sections for each of the common types of subliminal messages placed in Media.

Witchcraft and SatanismEdit

Through rare, these are more common in Media direcred towards children. Some of the symbols are very popular and well known (i.e. the pyramid, all-seeing eye, etc.) well others are rarely noticed or considered due to the normalacy bias (i.e. symbols in the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) and some Pokemon).

Sexual Activity or Innuendo'sEdit

Often found in Disney




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