33463 - Tom Brown - Devil, Demons & Spiritual Warfare - Part 1 of 358:01

33463 - Tom Brown - Devil, Demons & Spiritual Warfare - Part 1 of 3


We're born into a War, and Spiritual Warfare is happening right now. The War is between Satan and his Angels (Evil) and Jesus and his Angels ("Good"), this not only effects the Spiritual planes but also our own Physical World.

Satan and his Angels seem to be 'winning' the War, this is even foretold by Satan himself to avid Satanist Maxine who runs the Joy of Satan website. However it should also be noted that Satan is a liar as foretold in the Bible, and he led many astray.

It was already prophesied by the Bible that Jesus will win this War however, no matter how much it seems like and how much Satan does accomplish in battle.

The Government is Aware of ThisEdit

Our Government is very aware and has been preparing for this to occur,

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