In Abrahamic contexts, sin is the acts of violating God's will. Sin can also be viewed as anything that violates the ideal relationship between an individual and God. Sin has been defined as "to miss the mark."

All sin is equal.

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Types of Sins:Edit

  • A Person Who Leads the Blind Astray is Cursed:
  • Abortion:
  • Accusing:
  • Afraid to Confess Jesus to People:
  • Arguing:
  • Ashamed, hiding you're a Christian:
  • Assault:
  • Astrology:
  • Anxious:
  • Backbiting:
  • Baptizing Before Believing in Jesus:
  • Bitterness:
  • Blasphemy:
  • Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost:
  • Boasting is Evil:
  • Destruction:
  • Drinking Blood and Eating Flesh:
  • Fear (esp. of People and/or Circumstances)
  • Fornication:
  • Lust:
  • Murder:
  • Not Acknowledging Your Inquity:
  • Not Believing in the Name of Jesus Christ:
  • Not Blessing Them that Curse You:
  • Not Blessing Them That Persecute You:
  • Not Bringing a Child Up in Training and Instructions of the Lord:
  • Not Clothing Gods Children:
  • Not Feeding Gods Children:
  • Not Forgiving, the Unforgivable Sin:
  • Not Humbling Yourself to God:
  • Not Spanking or Physically Harming a Disobedient Child:
  • Pride:
  • Rape:
  • Refused to being Baptized:
  • Sacrifice:
  • Suicide:
  • Unjustified Anger (Wrath):
  • Vain Babbling:
  • War:
  • Watching/Viewing Violent or Distrubing Content
  • Worship of Idols (i.e. Celebrities, Mythological Gods, Angels, etc.)