Exposing the Satanic Web - RESTRICTED Extremely Graphic Material58:16

Exposing the Satanic Web - RESTRICTED Extremely Graphic Material

Pentagram the Symbol of Satanism

The Pentagram is one of the many symbols of Satanism. As well is the goat.

(Also known as the Occult, the Satanic Religion, and many other names. See "Illuminati''").

Satanism is a broad term referring to a group of Western religions, through non-Western Satanism is also popular, comprising diverse ideological and philosophical beliefs. Their shared features include symbolic association, admiration, and sometimes spiritual attachment to the character Satan or similar rebellious, promethean, and, in their view, liberating figures.

People in these groups can be pagans, wiccans, etc.

Members: Edit

There is no official list for Satanists because it is a difficult list to create. There are so many different groups around the world with different ways of worship and belief. Some people use more modern Satanism whereas others use old ways. The Neo-Satanists are all around the world and aren't technically classed as a cult. The traditional Satanists tend to stay in small cults. Because of such a wide spread we are not sure about how many members there are. Most Satanists aren't very open to telling people about their religion so there aren't any official numbers. Some people claim that anyone that doesn't have have a religion is classed as a Satanist. If this is the fact then there are 6000000000 (billion) Satanists.

It is believed there are 11,000 Satanists in North America alone.

Symbols: Edit

  • Baphomet (The Goat): This symbol has been used since the Knights Templar in the 14th Century. The actually original meaning of this symbol was to describe the worshiping of a Deity. However it was later used by Occultists and worshipers of Satan. Baphomet is now the symbol of the Church of Satan and therefore is the symbol of Satan.  
  • The Pentagram: This symbol has many different uses in many different cultures and times. In Satanism however a reversed Pentagram with two points projecting upwards, is the symbol of evil. 
  • 666: This isn't a symbol directly linked to Satan. This symbol is linked to 'a man of Satan'. 666 means - according to the New Testament - a man that is associated with the beast. The beast of course being classed as Satan. 
  • All-Seeing Eye (The Eye of Providence): The All Seeing Eye is a difficult one to work around. So many people have linked it to so many different things. However we believe that the eye represents Satan himself. The symbols true meaning is actually unknown, despite the links between the symbol and the Illuminati. Noone can truly tell what the symbol represents, where it has come from and why it exists. 
  • The Pyramid: The pyramid is a part of the All Seeing Eye. 

Sacrifices: Edit

"People of the Satanic cult often engage in kidnapping and killing for their Master Satan, and constantly sacrifice in their culture often for gifts. A belief held by them is that the more pure and innocent the blood is that they sacrifice the more powers Satan will give them, which leads to the sacrifice of infants and young children." The Satanoc bible clearly states that children and animals are to be held in high regard.

This is quite an amusing section between us Satanists. A while ago people may have engaged in Sacrificing for our Almighty Master. We have more of a modern attitude now. Sacrificing is more of a joke because it doesn't occur in Official Satanism. There are still cults that go around in dark hoods and clothing sacrificing their firstborn child but more modern Satanists just live a normal life sacrifice free. There is no sacrifice needed to contact a demon or Satan himself (as he cannot be contacted). Below is more on contacting Demons:

Personality: Edit

The beliefs are that Satanists are compulsive liars and that they will kill and bring pain for fun. That is as pathetic as saying that Christians are all perfect and would never cause any pain. For some reason people believe that becoming a Satanist will corrupt the soul and make them pure evil. A Satanist can be anyone you meet. You could be working across the desk from one right now. They are not going to murder everyone they are just people with different beliefs.

Some Satanists will complete these rituals in attempt to connect to Satan. Majority of these rituals are nothing more than fan made ideas or someones idea of fun. If Satan wanted to contact you then he would contact you himself. Demons however do spend time communicating with the human race. Contacting a Demon is a lot easier than it should be. To contact a Demon all you need to do is say his name and the reason you require him/her. If the Demon believes that your reason is strong enough then they will contact you. There is no simple way to describe how a Demon contacts you because it is different in every single example. People that claim to have contacted a Demon are becoming more and more common and it is usually a lie.

Joining and Leaving: Edit

With a religion such as Satanism there has to be a faith in Satan himself. The religion is not just about 'a love for murder' and 'rituals'. This religion is a group that have to trust each other. If you have a genuine belief in Satanism and the religion then there is nothing wrong with supporting and worshiping Satan.

There is no such thing as a joining ritual or a leaving ritual despite what various different sources say. You admit your belief in Satan and his ways. This doesn't have to be out loud but it allows Satan to find the people that genuinely support him. There is a chance you will never here or see Satan in your life. If you stay faithful though he will always be there. Not supporting you in your time of need, nor will he be punishing you if you "sin".

For some reason there is a misconception that if you stop supporting Satanism you will be murdered, killed and even dragged to hell. There is no other word to describe this other than madness. Satan will not be offended if you leave. Satan will not punish you until you die. If you want to stop then just stop. If you want to convert to a Christian than just do it. At the end of the day to Satan we are all just mortals. Satan will remain powerful no matter what happens to us it doesn't matter to him if someone 'leaves his side'.

Types of Satanists: Edit

There are a few types of Satanists, and different groups who practice the occult are only traditional Satanists. There are singular Satanists who practice activities in the occult on their own, however they're less known but are often dangerous and unpredictable.

Independent Satanism: Edit

Independent Satanism is the act of worshiping Satan in your own personal way. These are the Satanists mentioned earlier that still murder and sacrifice for Satan. This is quite a dangerous way of worship not only for yourself but other people. Fortunately however less and less people use "traditional methods" therefore bringing a better name to Satanism.

Traditional Satanism:Edit

Traditional Satanism is similar to independent Satanism. Back when Satanism was lesser known around the world it was a dangerous and feared cult. I use the term cult loosely because past Satanists were a lot more into contacting and maintaining a relationship with Satan. This is wear the whole sacrificing comes in. There is not much information about contacting Satan in the past so we're not if people have successfully contacting him via sacrifice.

Modern Satanism: Edit

Modern Satanism is completely different to Traditional Satanism. We now live our lives normally with a different belief to most people. We don't have to pray and we don't have to go to Church. Satanism is no longer about sacrifice and pain. It's not a wholly evil thing to support and there is no problem with it. It is a religion just like any other religion.

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