"Raum is the Egyptian God "Khnum" (See High Ranking Gods and Crowned Princes of Hell).

  • Zodiac Position: 15-19 degrees of Libra
  • October 8th and 12th
  • Tarot Card: 3 of Swords
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Metal: Lead
  • Element: Air
  • Plant: Thistle
  • Rank: Earl
  • Raum is a Night Demon and rules 30 legions of spirits.

Raum creates love and reconciles enemies. He can destroy a reputation, cities, and/or property. He steals money and brings it to the mage.

He is the Egyptian God "Khnum" also known as Khnemu, Khnoumis, Chnemu, Chnum.

He is a ram-headed God. He appears with a brilliant white glow and wears a ram's head mask. He has wings with black and white stripes like a zebra. He wears Ehyptian style clothing. His name is an anagram of "Ram" (pronounced RAuM). Raum is very generous. He bestows telepathy and the ability to communicate with animals. He is a very friendly God.

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