Pazuzu in Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist

Pazuzu was the son of the god Harbi in Nibiru, under the command of King Alalu, Pazuzu descended to the paradise of the earth, with the mission to destroy the evil goddess Lamashtu, after defeating her absorbing all her evil powers, Pazuzu became powerful, changing his form as a demon, living part of the Mesopotamian desert, he ruling storms, destruction, drought and pests on his way, Pazuzu lives on darkened in the Mouth of Hell, using his power of telepathy to hold the body of men, then incorporating as a demonic identity.

Pazuzu has long since been known as a protector Demon, especially of women in childbirth. Pazuzu gained fame with the movie The Exorcist where he was portrayed as the possessing Demon.

This demon is also portrayed as invading human bodies, in order to dominate with blasphemy and destroy humanity.

Portrayal in Media - His Fame and Identification with "The Exorcist":Edit


Pazuzu in the Exorcist movie (1973)

I contacted Pazuzu about one week ago, just mentally. I kept calling him and in a little while I could feel him. Hes a very, very powerful and positive Demon. I asked him for a favor which he did in just 24 hours and has promised to help me with other things. He loves poetry and feels very strongly about serving Father. He inspires poets and loves being remembered. If youre friends with him he-ll protect you and give you insights about what your enemies are doing. Hes really, really good company. I too felt drawn to him ever since I saw the movie, The Exorcist. I just knew deep inside that hes not nasty as the movie shows him, and I was right. Right now he wants me to write a poem about him. He's a good friend. May Lord Satan bless him. --Leroy Anderson relates his experience with Pazuzu

Pazuzu is seen by Satanists and members of the Satanic cult as the possessing demon in the Exorcist as seen above in the quotation; but like usual they use this portrayal of him to show people demons aren't always as they seem in movies, religion, etc.

Portrayal in other MediaEdit

Pazuzu at Paris from Futurama Wiki

"Pazuzu" portrayed in Futurama.

A gargoyle in Futurama is named Pazuzu and is owned Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, he escaped Professor Farnsworth and flies off to an unknown place. Professor Farnsworth goes after him but then forgets and Pazuzu isn't then mentioned until the end of the episode. When Professor Farnsworth is drowning in the fountain of aging, he appears from under the Planet Express ship's starboard wing and dives into the fountain and saves Professor Farnsworth. He grants the Professor three wishes for putting him through college, one of which was to get him out of the Fountain of Aging in Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles and the second to get him out of prison in The Beast with a Billion Backs, which he does. He currently lives in Paris.

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