Lucifuge Rofocal

The Sigil of Focalor, or Lucifuge Rofocale.

(AKA "Tarchimache" and "Facalor")

  • Rank: King (from him personally to a disciple)
  • Candle Color: Black
  • Plant: Wild Rose

He has control over all of the wealth and treasures in the World.

His subordinate Demons are: Agares, and Margas.

ROFOCAL Experience by High-Priestess MaxineEdit

"My experience: Lucifuge Rofocal assists those who are nearly dedicated to Satanism. He's patient, polite and soft spoken. He has a bald head. He wore a robe of bright shining silver with gold highlights. He is rather quiet. He has a deep voice and a slight accent." --High Priestess Maxine.

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