Lilith - 1892 by John Collier

"Lilith" before in the Garden of Eden by Hon John Collier, 1892.


The current appearance of Lilith as a demon.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam and created with him, who was banished from the Bible, Lucifer went down to the Garden of Eden, with the aim of destroying God's creation, seduced Lilith to sin and evil, manipulating Lilith stand against Adam in exchange for a large angelic power, Lilith quarreled with Adam, Lilith awaits the return Lucifer out of Eden giving an angel of power in the sexual act, Raphael, Ariel and Haniel tries to convince Lilith to return to Eden, but she refuses, and Lilith is despised by God and also for angels, she is excluded creating the second woman to Adam, Eve.

Lucifer uses Lilith to embody the serpent and attract Eve disobeying God and flees into the wilderness toward the Red Sea, going to live for generations of Adam and Eve.

Shemhazai, the fallen angel goes to meeting of Lilith in the Red sea, and says that Lucifer is trapped in hell by God after lose heavenly battle, and it will not come back to her, and sends Abraxas to teach witchcraft to Lilith that after go to the Sumerian and Babylonian desert for years, killing children and absorbing their souls as a source of more power in acts of witchcraft.

After being defeated by Michael and Gabriel, the last fallen angel Arieth account of the whereabouts of Lillith, after being betrayed by her in Babylon, Lilith is captured and launched by the angels to hell, years after his fall, Asmodeus, the great disciple Lilith casts a spell satanic in Sodom to bring Lilith back in exchange for his soul to Sodom kingdom, where the legion of 50 demons sent by Lilith took Sodom control, and Lilith takes Asmodeus to the red Sea and sinks with it hand in hand to hell.

The Lilith's goal is to use women as feminism against men in the practice of: prostitution, betrayal, adultery and promiscuity in seduction for evil or death to they.

Lilith is believed to be not only the first Succubus but also the first woman to be made, even before Eve. Succubuses are maidens from the burning Hells that have beauty beyond imagine. The seduce the male humans and literally suck out there life force out of there bodies to survive.

She's said by Satan himself to be the favorite of his five Brides, which he told to members of the Occultic Religion Satanism.

Lilith is not one to be summoned. She appears to whom she chooses on her own. One of her sacred symbols is the owl.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - Lilith is immortal and will live forever.
  • Invulnerability - Lilith cannot be harmed by Earthly means. 
  • Flight - Lilith can fly through the Heavens with her demonic wings.
  • Seduction - Lilith can seduce any man with her sexuality.
  • Soul Consumption - Lilith consumes the souls of men to gain strength.
  • Dream Walking - Lilith can invade people's dreams.