Grenick, the demon of anxiety, attacks innocents when they are feeling gloomy, or happy. Grenick comes from a Japanese tradition where karma would attack on people who were happy, only because they did bad things to earn their happiness, which includes killing, lying, stealing, etc.

Though many people think Grenick is a good demon, he is mostly considered a evil demon, since he began hurting innocents in the early 1900s. Legend has it that he attacks every 10 years to the most happiest people on Earth.

Because of the universe's paradox being special to the number 11, if Grenick does attack, and he will, in every 10 years, the eleventh time will be where he is given the chance to attack again in half the amount he attacks, being five years, in 2015. In 2015, will be the only chance of stopping him. If he is not stopped by 2015, in the next eleventh time, the world could be in danger.

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