• Furfur

    The Sigil of Furfur.

     Zodiac Position: 15-19 degrees of Virgo
  • September 8th-12th
  • Tarot Card: 9 0f Pentacles
  • Candle Color: Red
  • Plant: Cypress
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Element: Earth
  • Metal: Lead
  • Rank: Earl
  • Furfur is a Day Demon and rules 26 legions of spirits.

She causes love between a man and woman. She also raises thunder, lightning, and wind. She bestows a love of battle and can reveal the secret thoughts of others. ==Appearance:== Furfur is traditionally described as being in the shape of a Hart (like a male deer with large antlers) with a fiery tale. Its written in the Goetia, The Lesser Key of Solomon, that it only takes the form of an angel when bound in a triangle.

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