Furby, Voodoo Color

The current Furby model (2012–present); depicted is the Voodoo Purple version.

A Furby is an electronic children's toy created by Tiger Electronics and distributed by Hasbro in 1998, it was popular due to a media companion which stated it can learn human speech through listening to its owner speak. Due to this fear many airports have banned it due to the belief it may record confidental information or keep this information within its unit while criminals travel via plane. In reality, Hasbro has indicated the toy simply releases recorded messages at a timed schedule to give the illusion of learning to speech in order to entertain children and give them a belief their toy is in fact "learning". Due to the popularity of the Furby on its original release Hasbro has added more colors and patterns to Furby's, and as of 2012 features such as LCD eyes and even a mobile app to provide more ways to care for Furby. Despite over a decade since the original release of the Furby which spawned a film, a distribution of McDonald's happy meal toys, and overall impact upon pop culture Furby culture still remains a popular . Collectors will purchase and distribute rare or antique Furby toys, items or related merchandise and for many adults who have lived through the nineties Furby has remained an element of nostalgia.

The Occurance of Possession in FurbyEdit

Occasionally, a Furby may behave oddly, it may say unusual things (i.e. for the "owner" to "stay away", and in few cases the Furby may say inappropriate language) or move on its own without any interference from another human being. These Furby may possibly possessed by a negative entity, according to Stephen Dollins a speaker on Prophecy Club a ghost which is put within the Furby though the black magic of a magic practitioner before being sold to the family uses the toy as a vehicle. That is a means transportation like a physical body, this is somewhat expected however as he also indicates that most items have also been either cursed or have ghosts placed within them by a practitioner of magic.  

Further ReadingEdit

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