WARNING: the contents of this article are to be used at your own digression, if you (or anyone accompanying you) are harmed because of these tips, ITS YOUR OWN FAULT

That being said, let’s get started.

If you are interested in demon hunting, you must know that these creatures are crafty as well as powerful. You must be prepared to face them. A good hunter should always have a variety of blades, as well as armour. I do not advise the use of guns for both legal and practical purposes. However, a good hatchet, that will do the trick. Crushing weapons such as maces are also a bad idea because of both weight and practicality. Now for the armor: chain and plate mail are both bad ideas because when dealing with demons, fire is always going to be a factor. I suggest a nice leather tunic, braces, and greaves. Another trusty tool is a rune scroll. What is a rune scroll you ask? A rune scroll is a specially prepared document, that when burned, can have supernatural effects. Their power can be anything from increased strength to invisibility to water breathing. their effects are only temporary, usually not lasting more than 20 minutes, but be warned: the amount of spiritual energy they use up is so immense that even professionals can only use 3 or 4 before they are nearly unconscious. Rune scrolls are difficult to prepare, your best off buying one than going about making one yourself.

Well there you go. That’s pretty much all you need.

Happy Hunting!

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