The Sigil of Crocell.

Also known as Pucel and/or Procel;
  • Zodiac PositionL 0-4 degrees of Sagittarius
  • November 23rd-27th
  • Tarot Card: 8 of Rods
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Metal: Tin
  • Element: Fire
  • Candle Color: Pink
  • Plant: Wood Betony
  • Rank: Duke
  • Crocell is a Night Demon and rules 48 legions of spirits. She was the Order of Potentates, or Powers.

she teaches mysticism, geometry, art, history, and all of the liberal science; she can produce great noises and cause great commotions. She can produce confusion and indecisivemess in one's enemies. She warms waters and discovers baths.


She appears with long flowing blonde hair and a blue dress, with large blue wings.

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