Former Satanist (1 of 2) - Bride of Satan

Former Satanist (1 of 2) - Bride of Satan

The Fifth Bride of Satan, who's now a Christian. The truth. - (Part 1)

The Brides of Satan
Lilith - 1892 by John Collier

Lilith and a serpent. She's Satans favorite Wife/Bride.

The Bride of Satan is the spouse-to-be or is the spouse of Satan, he (Satan) is said to have had five brides.

List of Known Brides:Edit

Lilith: said by Satan to be his favorite wife of all
Phoenix the Bride/Wife of Satan who sits on his right side, she is also the punisher of demons who failed at bringing mortals to hell, savage.

The Marriage Ceremony Edit

On the day of March 24th, a sixteen-year-old is either kidnapped by the occult or consensually chooses to be married to Satan in a marriage ceremony, celebrated on the Feast of the Beast. [1]