220px-Beelzebub and them with him
(Beezlebub, also known as Baal, Lord of the Flies, Lord of all that flies, Prince of Demons, Baalzebub, Enlil, Bel, "Pir Bub*", Baal Zebul, and Beelzebuth. He's known also by the Goetic Demon "Bael". Even occasionally called Satan himself through an obvious confusion of the two seperate demons).
In Christianity was formally a fallen angel, and is known as one of the seven princes of hell. Beezlebub is also a Semitic Deity and was worshipped in the Philistine city of Erkon.
Those who are close to Beelzebub know he's Enlil. This is from his personally, Enlil was the original "Bel" which later evolved into"Baal". "Baal" means "Lord", "Master", "Baal the Prince". Beelzebub/Enlil was a very popular and well known God who ha cities named after him with the prefix "Baal" all over the Middle East.
  • Zodiac Position: 0-4 degrees of Aries
  • March 21st to 25th (*March 21st to 30th)
  • Tarot Card: 2 of Rods
  • Candle Color: Black
  • Plant: Fern
  • Planet: Sun (from Azazel ).
  • Metal: Iron (*Gold)
  • Element: Fire
  • Rank: King
  • Bael is a Day Demon and rules over 66 legions of spirits.

Most people who have studied the occult know he's very close to Satan and they go back to the "beginning of time" here on Earth; Enlil and Enki. He's Father Satan's half-brother. Along with his brother Ea/Satan and Astaroth, he wound up in the grimiores as one of the Philistines, he ruled over the city of Ekron. He's second in command to Satan. The Ancient Phillistines worshipped him under the name "Beelzebub". "Beelzebub" is "Lord over all that Flies".

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