Asmondeus is supposed to be the King of Nine Hells. He is also referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell. He is the demon of lust and is therefore responsible for twisting people's sexual desires. Those who follow him are to be sentenced to second level of hell for all eternity. 

It is considered one of the seven princes of hell below only Lucifer (emperor of hell) (which feeds and strengthens avarice). It is the demon representative last sin, Lust, design given to considered the worst of sins. But some Jewish writings indicate Asmodeus is known as the "King of Sodom Forgotten" in this tale Asmodeus is seen as the most impure man ever born, and one that led to Sodom lust. Asmodeus made a covenant with hell to Lilith for his life in exchange for his kingdom, and carried Sodom Asmodeus to the Red Sea, and along with Lilith disappeared in the Red Sea going straight to hell, becoming a demon. Sodom has gained a new king who succeeded Asmodeus known as Bera until its destruction. In the deuterocanonical book of Tobias, is cited as the killer of Sarah Grooms. God sends the angel Raphael to guide Tobit, find Sara and cast the demon Asmodeus back to hell. After completing its mission, Rafael cure Tobit father of Tobias and returns to the heavenly court.

Ashmodai aka Asmodeus has a name that means "Divine Wrath", he is associated with gambling houses, lust, sex without control, sensuality and luxury. 


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