Anti christ as angelic form or... alien???

(Tambem Conhecido como o "anticristo", ou "anti-Cristã", etc. Veja a Besta e Diabo.)


The destroyer.

The Anti-Christ is a Christian concept based on "interpretation of passages" in the New Testament. In the New Testament, the term "antichrist" occurs five times in 1 John and 2 John, once in plural form and four times in singular.

The Antichrist is the one who will come in the form of light, and deceived many as similar to an angel, creating a trinity of evil with: False prophet and the militarist. forming world domination bringing disorder and chaos.

The references of the Bible, the anti Christ preached peace in the world at the beginning of his arrival, but then put the side of goodness, starting a global regime that will result in a war of nations and kingdoms, confuse humanity to chaos and disorder, and in the end it will start the Armageddon, the final battle with the true christ.

It is believed that it comes as a being from another planet to preach a deceptive peace, in wanting to dominate the world. It would be the first contact frustrating with alien for humanity or the release of Lucifer in hell?

However, these interpretations are from medieval translations of the Bible to mean "non-Christ" or non-Christian. Similar to how you'd say someone does not believe in Christianity or is against it. The true meaning of the anti-Christ is a term that would be used for an atheist. Modern Christians use the term "Anti-Christ" however to describe a negative being such as the Devil or Satan that tries to stop people from being saved and moves them away from Jesus.

In the Bible however their is a creature that is similar to how modern people and Christians see the Anti-Christ known as the Beast, or Devil.

Several movies, such as "the Omen ", "End of Days ", "Left Behind ", "AntiChrist ", and so on are about how the anti-Christ is coming soon. This is misinformation however, the reason for these movies are most likely due to Illuminati and Satanic information. The "Anti-Christ" was always here according to scriptures of the Bible.Edit
The truth of the matter is that, like Satan, the Anti-Christ known truely as the Beast was already here in our realm . He was in the spirit and he is the one behind the making of all those "Anti-Christ" movies you see in the theaters. Many Ministers received his mark and worships his image, and you reader are in great danger if you remain in denial. They don't want you to know this and are hiding the truth from us, which appears to show they're protecting the identity of the Beast.Edit

The so called Anti-Christ was here since 95 A.D. and true name is the Beast.

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