According to Christian Demonology, Anamelech was originally an Assyrian (an inhabitant of ancient Assyria) God. He was a lunar deity that was worshiped at a small Assyrian town called Sephervaim. Apparently the Sephervaim people used to burn their own children as offerings to Anamelech. They did this because they believed that Anamelech was important to the welfare of their cattle. A similar deity to Anamelech was Adramelech whom was the God of Sun.

Anamelech takes the form of a quail (an Old World game bird) but has also been known to take the form of a mule.

Anamelech is now known as the Demon of Bad News, a story in the bible tells of how Anamelech was seen mocking a man and telling this man that

"Satan shall rise and corrupt your sinful lives,"

Satan himself was unhappy with Anamelech and decided to punish him due to him 'giving information'. Anamelech did not do this to aid the human race however, he actually did it to scare them. Satan punished him by keeping him in a lake of fire for a day. Anamelech survived and now Anamelech is a much darker and selfish. According to the Church of England if Satan was ever to fall, Anamelech would take over as the Lord of Darkness.