Demon talking out of teenage girl18:20

Demon talking out of teenage girl

Anaina, (pronounced AN-AI-NA) is a little known demon, and was last seen possessing a teenager. Very little is known about this demon.


Anaina, the demon

Like many demons he hates humans for the fact they have the chance to go to Heaven while Satan and his demons burn in Hell for eternity. This demon had heard from Satan before the creation of the Earth, during the times of Rebellion in Heaven, to join him in order to become greater. And like many demons and you this demon has a dislike of Hell and wishes to once again be in Heaven, and know that God will never forgive them because he will never believe a follower of a liar.

Sources: Edit

[1] The video which shows the demon.

[2] The original Biblical text containing the man named Anaina.

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